Day 11~Thanks

A few years ago I started keeping a gratitude journal. And you must know this: You don’t start a gratitude journal because things are going so swimmingly. Quite the opposite, actually. You start it as a desperate measure to somehow get back into the good graces of the universe. You start one to prove to […]

Day 6~ You

What I love about you is that you mean well. I love your good intentions, even if they do sometimes lead you down the road to hell. You really do mean well. You believe in good. You believe in being the good. You are good. I love your giant, messy, complicated heart. Worn and weathered […]

#Write31Days (Even if you can’t #Write3Days)

I can’t believe we’re just a day away from October. Basically, Christmas is next week and then we’ll be saying goodbye to 2016 and welcoming 2017. What in the actual heck? But I’m saying all that to say, apparently I took the summer off from blogging. It wasn’t intentional, but it happened. Work. Kids. Life. Pool. Beach. […]

Everyone Wants to Be Seen and Heard

Last week I read a great article called  The One Question You Should Ask Your Child Tonight   .  And so naturally that night during dinner, I posed it to my girls: How can I help you feel loved?   I had to smile at the certain predictability of my kids– I knew one would think this was […]

Becoming the Real Me

Someone going through a very tough time recently messaged me this question: “How did you get past the rumors and people smearing your name during your divorce?” And when I first read it, I sort of laughed. Because it was one of those moments when something is pointed out that you only knew to be […]

Open House for the First Child and The Last Child: There’s a Difference.

Everyone knows there’s a big difference in how you handle the first born, the middle child, and the youngest. Recently, I went to 8th grade Open House and had to laugh at myself as I saw the difference so clearly. It’s significant. And I started to make a mental list… Open House Experience for First […]

“I Can Do Anything Good”

American Poet and Novelist Charles Bukowski once said, “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.” You guys. I have sucked. Hard. Since an accident one month ago in which I broke my right collarbone and left wrist, I have been the world’s worst fire-walker-througher. I actually think I would’ve done a […]