Day 3~ Wardrobe



There are 3 girls in my house (myself included) and thankfully, we all happily share our clothes with each other. (It truly is as much fun as it sounds). We also spend inordinate amounts of time talking about clothes, shopping for clothes, picking out clothes and putting together outfits. When on of us says, “How does this look?”, we’ve coined the phrase, “It’s not your best” as a gentle way of saying, “HELL TO THE NO.” Us girls have to stick together. Wouldn’t you rather have your mom or sister tell you your butt looks weird than someone OUT THERE? Yes. You would.

But if there’s one truth we’ve learned about the clothes we wear every day, it’s this: No matter how much we love them, on any given day an outfit has to feel right. If your outfit feels wrong, everything feels wrong. This is a universal truth and every woman reading this is shaking her head yes. Amen. Preach. (And every man reading this is completely confused. Move along, Mister. Nothing for you to see here. What we’re talking about is a REAL THING.)  Having worn an outfit before is no indication it will feel right the next time you wear it. 

Our clothes have this magical power to make us feel such powerful emotions, for better or for worse. Beautiful. Powerful. Frumpy. Sexy. Outdated. Confident. You can hide in plain sight or make yourself be seen.  When a woman says she has nothing to wear, what she’s really saying is, “There’s nothing in here that feels like me today.”  And there’s no worse feeling than not feeling like yourself.

The blogging community is like a an heirloom tapestry. Precious. Valuable. Weathered. Dependable. Sturdy. So many people have so many good things to say. People you’d never meet, people you might’ve never chosen as friends in real life. But when you read their words. Get lost in their stories. Glimpse what life is really like for them, you can’t help but start crushing on humanity a little bit more than you did before. That’s the long way of saying please check out #Write31Days and explore not just what is out there, but who is out there.❤