Day 20~ Weekend


day-20There is this collective, magical feeling of anticipation that begins really, on Thursday. The weekend is almost here. It’s so close we can feel it. And although Friday is still one of my busiest work days of the week, it carries all the same feels: There is about to be some time. Some unscheduled time. A little bit of freedom. A little bit of rest. A little sleeping in. Eating and drinking and lingering a little more than usual. Maybe a lazy afternoon. Maybe a little shopping. Seeing friends and family and spending time with people we love.  Laughter. Memories. Maybe some projects and chores around the house. Maybe a birthday party or celebration. I love all the ‘maybes’ . That feeling of ‘we can do whatever we want.’  A football game. Pizza. Sunday Family Dinner.

And the best part about the weekend? In just a few short days we get to do it all over again.