Day 13~ Aware



“Once you are aware, you are responsible”- me.

Thinking about the word aware and everything it represents to me, everything it means to me. Thinking about the awakening in my own life when I suddenly became aware of certain things. It reminds me of Day 10 and Unknown– and how once you know something, you cannot unknow it. It is the same with being aware. Once you are aware of something, you cannot become unaware. Being aware takes away the before. You can now only live with what you are aware of.

It is both a blessing and a curse to be aware. There’s a reason they say ‘Ignorance is bliss’. It is blissfully unaware. There is a joy in being unaware. But there is also a blindness. A foolery. A mockery, even. What you thought was true- was real- wasn’t. Isn’t.

And once you are aware of that, you are responsible for what you do. Or don’t do. Being aware is a burden. But being unaware is worse.