Day 26~ Confront


day-26“You can’t change what you refuse to confront.”

Just reading those words. I feel the anxiety somewhere inside and take a deep breath. Confrontation. Facing something head on. Blinders off.  Eyes open. Mouth ready to speak truth, come what may. The end of denial, which was such a safe place for a while but was really only a temporary purgatory. Confrontation forces the hand of change.  The hand of change doesn’t seem to move freely, on its own. It needs that force. It needs to be pushed. It’s amazing how even when something or someone is unwell, there will be so much fear and resistance and resentment about moving to a better space. And confrontation is the pulsing life force behind that move.

And once there is confrontation. Once it’s out there. It will require something of you. To stay. To go. To work  harder. To work less. To cross the bridge. Or to light a match, toss it behind you and burn that bridge to the ground.