Day 2~Paint


Any time the subject of painting comes up, the first thing I always tell people is, “I’m a hell of a painter.” It’s true. I am. And apparently this makes me pretty proud. It’s like a hidden talent. And not everyone’s good at painting, but I love to paint. I’ve painted my whole house and lots of stuff IN my house. I’m so into spray painting that I’m convinced I was a graffiti artist in my former life. Because here’s the thing about paint: It’s such a fast, cheap and easy way to completely transform something. Of what else can you say this? It makes old things new, ugly things pretty, (or pretty things ugly if you do a bad job- which we’ve already established, I don’t.) I painted my kitchen countertops a few years ago and it updated my entire kitchen in a matter of hours. For under twenty bucks. So many things in life just aren’t this easy—but paint is. And if you mess it up, just paint over it.

“You have your brush, you have your colors, you paint paradise, then in you go.”- Nikos Kazantzakis

The blogging community is like a an heirloom tapestry. Precious. Valuable. Weathered. Dependable. Sturdy. So many people have so many good things to say. People you’d never meet, people you might’ve never chosen as friends in real life. But when you read their words. Get lost in their stories. Glimpse what life is really like for them, you can’t help but start crushing on humanity a little bit more than you did before. That’s the long way of saying please check out #Write31Days and explore not just what is out there, but who is out there.❤