Day 29~ Date


day-29Ahhhhh. Day 29… Date. I’m already sort of laughing at having to write about this. Because listen y’all. I’m a single girl. And the dating life is simultaneously the most and least fun I have ever had. Whatever you’re imagining it to be, subtract 60% of the fun and add back 40% of the loneliness and potential for awkward situations and you’ve almost nailed it.

At the end of the day, you would think we’re all just looking for the same thing: companionship, acceptance, friendship, fun, laughter, love, intimacy. But all those words mean something different to everyone. Are we casual? And if we are, does that mean we’re both also spending time with other people? Are we building something here? And if we are, do you eventually see it going where I do? When I say ‘companionship’, I know how often I want to see you. And how often I don’t. You wouldn’t think it wouldn’t be so complicated. And maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s not you, it’s me.