Day 30~ Cut


day-30Nothing. I’ve got literally nothing for ‘Cut’. But we’re in the homestretch and I can’t quit now. There is one day left after this. One more day and I will have actually completed #Write31Days. I will have written and posted for 30 days– 31 days, tomorrow. When I first started, I wasn’t sure I could or would do it. Then once I got rolling, I felt compelled. And competitive. And I was pretty sure I’d finish. There were a few days I was late posting and almost felt like giving up, because quite frankly, I got a little sick of it. But I got a few great posts out of. Posts I really like. Posts that I spent more than five minutes on– but that sort of ended up being the point to me. This idea that once you feel inspired- once you actually get started and get writing and get inspired, the timer goes away. Five minutes would never be enough to start and finish a piece you love. Those moments of flow- of writing for the joy of it- were my favorite parts of #Write31Days. They reminded me why I love writing. Why I want to keep going and keep disciplining myself to write and post more often. And that’s it. That’s all I’ve got for Day 30. Cut.