Day 16~ Little


day-16It’s the little things in life. It’s not the big things. It’s the little things. It’s laughter. And private jokes. It’s really good hot coffee. And a cute coffee cup to drink out of. It’s sunshine, fresh air, blue skies. It’s new shoes. It’s fresh clean sheets. It’s bare feet and pretty toe nails. It’s your favorite book. It’s a movie that makes you cry. It’s the beach. It’s watching your kids do something they love. It’s buying yourself flowers. Hearing your favorite song. Smiles from strangers. Making someone  laugh. Spending time with your best friend. Finding the perfect shade of nail polish. It’s your mom baking cookies. Reading in bed on a rainy day. New running shoes. When  someone remembers what your favorite candy is and buys it for you. Popcorn.

If I never travel the world and see fascinating sights and wonders to behold, I got puppy snuggles this morning and I ate mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate sprinkles this afternoon and somehow, I believe I’m just as happy.