Day 9~Post-it



Imagine a world where helpful and intuitive Post-it notes popped up throughout your day to keep you on track- at work, at home, with your kids and in your love life.


Getting distracted at work?

A Post-it pops up: Hey! Stop procrastinating! You can have 5 minutes on Twitter AFTER you complete this task!


About to gripe at your kid first thing in the morning about dishes left in the sink?

A Post-it pops up: Hey! Nobody likes to start the day like that. Wait until later to talk about the dishes, ok?

Ready to say something unkind and unnecessary to the love of your life?

A Post-it slams you in the forehead: SHUT IT. You’ve already reminded him about that 72 times. Just leave it alone now.

I feel like I’m onto something here. I just need to figure out a few small logistics. I’ll get back to you…

Post it: Make it happen! You’ve got this! Don’t just dream it, Do it!

Or not. Could be annoying.