Day 6~ You


day-6What I love about you is that you mean well. I love your good intentions, even if they do sometimes lead you down the road to hell. You really do mean well. You believe in good. You believe in being the good. You are good.

I love your giant, messy, complicated heart. Worn and weathered and stronger than ever. I love the way you can hold two opposing views at the same time and feel equally passionate about both. I love the way you have two settings: Utterly Obsessed or Completely Disinterested. There’s no in-between.

I love your ability to love so many people in so many different ways and the fact that you tell them all. You fall in and out of love so easily, but it’s a wonderfully optimistic quality to have. And I love that even so, you’re cynical. A little jaded. But not so much that you don’t still believe. Still hope. Still think of love with a little bit of wonder.

I love those apple green eyes. I love that crazy, sexy hair that seems just like you, no matter how you wear it. You’re rather a chameleon, aren’t you, love? I can’t seem to pin you down, even when I think I finally have. You’re magic and madness in a baseball hat and heels- A walk off homerun for the underdog and the crowd goes wild.