Day 8~ Muddle


It’s so comfortable. It feels like its meaning. It feels easy and kind of sloppy. It feels like a no-judgement zone. It feels like home.

“I’m just muddling through.” Muddling through life. Muddling through motherhood. Muddling through dating. Muddling through love. Muddling through the days and the seasons and the years. It’s this sense of making your way, because you’re definitely moving forward, but in a way that’s hard to track and would be hard to duplicate.

I love it. It’s the opposite of perfect. It’s the opposite of perfection. It’s the opposite of rigid and Type A and rules and arrogance. Muddling is humble. It’s the middle clique. It’s got space enough for everyone. It’s come as you are. It’s you do you, man. It’s make your way and we’ll be your tribe. Dirty feet. Unwashed hair. Peanut butter and jelly for the 4th day in a row. Muddling through. Full heart. Real smile. Happiness.