Day 1~ Walk



We have a new puppy in our house who’s a bit of a punk. And at some point every single day, I can be heard yelling saying, “This kid needs a walk!” Because I know. I KNOW. If he would just get out and get some exercise to burn off some of that electric puppy energy, he would behave so much better. (Read: he would stop biting me. Biting the girls. Eating anything and everything that comes near him. Jumping on me. You understand.)

But as were on a puppy walk the other day, I was laughing to myself thinking about how similar I am to the dog. When I’m in a funk or grouchy or out of sorts, a walk is always the antidote. And even when I don’t feel like going, I know if I do, I’ll behave so much better afterward. It’s like an investment in my body AND my mind. And the dividends last for hours. And if I’m behaving better, so are my kids. And the other people around me. And all of those are good enough reasons to get out there. (But mainly the dog behaving. Because that makes me unreasonably happy. And fellow dog moms and dads, you feel me. I know you do.)

The blogging community is like a an heirloom tapestry. Precious. Valuable. Weathered. Dependable. Sturdy. So many people have so many good things to say. People you’d never meet, people you might’ve never chosen as friends in real life. But when you read their words. Get lost in their stories. Glimpse what life is really like for them, you can’t help but start crushing on humanity a little bit more than you did before. That’s the long way of saying please check out #Write31Days and explore not just what is out there, but who is out there. ❤