One small step for coffee…

My name is Julie and I love coffee. I have loved coffee for a long time. I
resist calling it an addiction because that would make it seem like a bad
thing. And it’s not. Coffee is a very happy part of my life. I take that
first sip in the morning (the first sip is the best) and I look at my day
and think, ‘I can do this.’
Several months ago I became enamored by the Keurig coffee maker. The
thought of a hot cup of coffee in under 60 seconds when I stumble down to
the kitchen in the morning was totally luxurious- no measuring coffee
and water, no messy grounds–and best of all, no waiting. And since they
haven’t yet created the coffee i.v. drip, this seems like a close second.

My husband, however, did not share my excitement. I probably don’t even
have to say here that clearly, he is not a coffee drinker. “You don’t
really need one of those” was his standard response every time I said I
wanted a Keurig. The nerve! Why would he NOT think I need one?? I would
bristle. I was sure I most certainly did need one. But, I would just
inwardly smirk and think, “Hhmph. I’m gonna get me one of those
One day not long ago, my day of poetic justice came. It was so gratifying
it couldn’t have gone better if I had planned it. My husband is part of a
re-enactment group and collects Revolutionary War era replicas of clothing
and primitive camping and war items. We happened to be chatting and he
said…Ready for this? “I’d really like to get a black powder rifle.” Come
again? Hello, trump card! A black powder rifle? As in a Revolutionary War era black powder rifle that costs ten times the price of a Keurig coffee
maker? My, my, my. How the tables have turned.
I could hardly contain myself. Steady. Steady now. Go slow. Don’t be
hasty. Your coffee dreams are hanging in the balance here. “Oh really
now. Would you? Huh. That’s interesting.” A smile was slowly spreading
across his face. I think he was on to me. “It seems to me,” I said as
sweetly as I could, “that you ‘need’ a black powder rifle” the same way I
‘need’ a Keurig.”
What could he really say? I have to admit I felt a teeny bit proud of
myself. Slam. Dunk. And what do you know? Happy Mother’s Day to me! I’m
now the proud owner of a Keurig coffee maker. It doesn’t matter that I
went out and bought it. It is every bit as dreamy as I knew it would be.
My husband seems just fine with it- happy, even. He must know Father’s Day
is coming.

3 thoughts on “One small step for coffee…

  1. I hear ya on this one. I LOVE my Keurig. LOVE. My parents gave me a hard time when I bought it (on Craigslist for a deal!) because they just didn’t understand the beauty of it. But I do. I just wish the coffee was a little less expensive – but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for immediate gratification.


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