Are You Just Taking Reservations?

Jerry Seinfeld and his compadres are like invisible dinner guests at nearly every family function we have. My family quotes lines from episodes you barely remember exist. We are that good. It’s always in perfect context and form and it’s just sort of a family thing for us. But recently my older brother [Robert] used a well-placed Seinfeld one-liner on me and it had impact. Robert has been a big fan and supporter of my blog right from the start. And as an older brother, he has looked out for my well-being in a myriad of ways. On occasion, he has hinted that perhaps I should more closely follow some of my own prescriptions.

And so recently, he had this to say:

“You know how to TAKE the reservation-

You just don’t know how to HOLD the reservation”

Oof. Ouch. Because holding the reservation, my friends, is the key to making progress.


5f36586cbda943d2edeb7bf53c39e874Because listen– there is no shortage of inspiration in my world. You want quotes? I’ve pinned 6,732 of them. Inspirational pictures? Kick-ass words to get you moving? They plaster my walls. I read books. I journal. I’ve illustrated pictures. I’ve filled notebooks. I meditate. I pray. I’ve cried tears of joy and fear and frustration and ambivalence over my future. I have translated them into champagne bubbles of excitement and have put on my lip gloss and psyched  myself up 10,000 different ways.  But the truth is, all of that is useless if I never actually DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.  63ce13c027517ab600b1e3693e57742c

Hard work and hustle and ACTION will trump dreams and talent every day and twice on Sundays, regardless of how flowery and precious and inspiring my hopes and dreams look on paper.


And so I’m doing it. I’m moving forward. I’m taking bigger steps. I’ve started writing the books. I’m brainstorming and creating the business plans. It’s forthcoming and happening and I am excited and terrified and thrilled all at once. Anybody can take the reservation. But finally, I am holding the reservation. Because that’s really the most important part. The holding. The doing. The making it happen.

If your life looks exactly the same as it does today in

 1 year

2 years

5 years

How will you feel about it?

Time passes whether or not you do anything.


Ps. I would love love love to hear what this means to you, in your world–

What is it that you want to do?

What small, inspired action can you take TODAY?

Tell us!

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