Alone Again for Christmas

My lifelong and dearest friend Joey has written something that resonates deeply, especially if you’re alone or single or divorced during this season. Merry Christmas, Joey- and thanks for the gift.

The boy with the big heart

Ahh Christmastime. Everyone loves it….
Ok maybe not everyone. It can be a hard time of year. Especially when you’re single. Or you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one.

I honestly never thought I’d be here at this stage of the game. And I definitely didn’t choose it. But damn, I’ve gotten good at it. So good, that I don’t really want anyone to disrupt the certain level of normalcy I’ve created in my house and for my 3 children. I mean, there are a lot of positives. Like. A lot. There’s no drama. No disappointments. No disagreements. No surprises. No leaving the toilet seat up. (Oh wait. That was me.) Just life. Work. Bills. School. Stability. And a little weekend dancing.

But still. It gets lonely sometimes. Especially around the holidays. And missing those moments as a family can be difficult. Because there once was a time when…

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