The Memory Jar

I’ve come to accept that I will never really be a “Scrap Booker.” (Such a tough realization…) Now I know that legitimate scrapbookers are going to think that the idea I’m about to present is a far cry from scrapbooking and not even remotely comparable. I KNOW. I GET IT. It’s not supposed to replace scrapbooking, per se. Well, it sort of is. But hear me out. It’s a Memory Jar and I have totally fallen for this idea. Mainly, because it’s simple. And easy. And not at all expensive or time consuming. Sound good?

Here’s the deal. Find a jar. Any jar. I think I’ll probably need a bigger jar soon, but the one I started with is just fine for now. Throughout the year, you just add things to the jar that you want to remember. Movie tickets, sporting event or other ticket stubs, hotel keys (are you supposed to turn those in? I’m never really sure…?). Really, any small mementos that will fit. I’ve also jotted down some memories and events on post-it notes. Then, during the last week of the year, or on New Year’s Eve, or whatever works for you, dump out the jar and reminisce about the year. When you’re done, put the lid on, set it on a shelf, and eventually you’ll have a collection of memories from years gone by. See? Easy. And not a single cut or paste or sticker required.

So far my jar has Sabres tickets, a lift pass from Colden Tubing Company, a note about the Super Bowl party we had, a note from a day when Allen took the girls sledding, and some notes about a few milestones for the kids (“Emery started gymnastics” “Casey and her best friend went ice skating and had a sleepover”). There are also a few movie tickets, the ticket from a banquet we attended this past weekend, and yes, our hotel room key.

Granted, there are no pictures in the jar. But I COULD put some in if I wanted to and even add some notes to the back of them. I do take pictures of our life all the time- I just never get around to doing anything with them, other than feeling guilty that I’m not doing MORE with them. Here’s another catch- realistically, even if I WAS a Scrap Booker, many of the things in my Memory Jar thus far are probably not picture-worthy events, and yet still things I’d like to remember. I like the daily-ness of some of the contents- “Super fun game of Scrabble” and “Family dinner with cousins”.

I should’ve posted this in January- or better yet, toward the end of December so you would be ready with a jar. Sorry about that. BUT! It’s not too late to start! Grab a jar! Rinse out the jelly if you have to! Trust me- you will be totally thankful a few months- and years- from now when you have jars full of memories to sort back through. You’re welcome.

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