The Always Interesting Job of Getting a Job


So my part-time days are just about over and I’m looking for a full-time job. I’ve been looking for a job for a few months now. And by looking for a job, I mostly mean sitting at the computer with a cup of coffee, getting up 5 times to get something else to eat (since my daily lunch salad rarely qualifies as “satisfying”), all the whilst wishing I had a degree other than a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Most days I’m equal parts amused and discouraged as I scroll endlessly through the postings and read the job descriptions.

(Too much pride and self-respect to click this link)

click HERE for the path to suxess!
(So tempting– if it weren’t for that pesky spelling of “success”–which totally leads me to believe this path leads to no gud and the opposite of success)

Hunting for Averaage People
(Hunt for a new ad copy writer who can spell)

(For the love of Henry. Really?)

And my personal favorite:

I’m interested in this one, for sure. And I sort of feel qualified, since I have a pet. Except I seriously cannot figure out exactly what type of answer they’re looking for– Fleas? Inappropriate affection? Herpes? Carpet stains? Insomnia?

I have been in forests less shady than you people.

Or how about the intermingling of these ridiculous listings with ultra-professional listings?

Cardiologist wanted for busy clinic

Orthodontist needed for established practice

Immediate Opening for Optometrist

Do doctors really use Craigslist when they’re looking for new opportunities? I mean, I barely use Craigslist. It just feels sketchy to me. *Note to self: ask all of my doctors how they got their jobs.

The ones that disappoint me the most are the ones that sound super interesting and that I *almost* feel qualified for…but not quite:

Private Investigator
I’ve read and watched just about every series out there. This doesn’t seem that hard. Risky maybe, but not that hard. Plus I’m a runner. I think that would help.

Anatomy and Physiology Video Tutorial Instructor
I feel like I could be good at this one. Except for the Business Degree thingy.

Seeking Performers, Know-it-Alls, and other Oddballs to Host Trivia Night
I could potentially be any one of these things. This one has legs. But the Oddball part is a little off-putting.

If I were a Class “A” Truck Driver, an experienced Collections Agent, a General Laborer or a “Dancer”, I would have my pick– it’s that damn college degree that keeps getting in my way. And having to pay the mortgage. And feed people.

So for today, I’m eating like it’s my job. Pinning like it’s my job. Writing like it’s my job. And only dreaming of a paycheck. But if you know of anyone who’s looking for a pedigreed Writer/Editor/Researcher/Speaker/Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of  …I’m your girl.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about the various ways I believe I can add value to your organization through this dynamic opportunity.

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Just Do It.

I’m a new runner. By new, I mean I’ve been at it for about 3 months. I’ve gone through running phases in the past, so it’s not like I’ve never done it before, but this time it’s sticking. I know some of you hate me right now and I get it. Really. Because I’ve always sort of hated people who were runners. Like it was this secret club of these virtuous super heroes that had the mental and physical toughness it takes to knock off a few miles. But really, all it took was a decision. That’s it. There was no thunder and lightning, no voice of God, no waking up and suddenly feeling like it was in me. I just decided to do it. And then I did.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s hard. It does take mental and physical toughness. It does take discipline. And despite the cliché that says the first step is always the hardest, it’s not. Are you kidding? I still feel like a rock star at the first step. What’s hardest for me is the first mile. The whole first mile I’m thinking, “This is kind of sucky. My legs hurt already. How could my legs hurt already? I’m still on my street. I can’t do this today. Maybe I should just stop right now and walk. People are still sleeping and I could be too.” But call it pride, or stubbornness (or wanting to eat something fabulous later), but something suddenly starts to kick in and I keep going. I find my groove. My breathing evens out and I’m soaring.

Okay. Soaring is dramatic. And truthfully, I can’t really say if I’ve ever experienced “Runner’s High”. Runner’s Hell? Yes. Been there. Many times. But man, when I finish a run, I could cry. And admittedly, the first time I finished 5 miles, I did cry. I was just so stinking proud of myself. Because I don’t see myself as a runner. But I am a runner now. And the only thing it took to become one was to run. And I did it. And I’m still doing it. For me, it’s a reason to celebrate.

I hope you’re starting to catch a little of what I’m getting at. It’s not about the running. Well, it is for me. But what is it for you? What is it for you that feels just out of reach? Like you want it, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s ever really going to happen? Well let me tell you, it won’t happen by magic. It will happen when you decide you want it to. When you make a decision. When you take the first step and then stick it out for the first mile and then some. A year ago I only wanted a blog. But I’m not an author. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like to write. So do a lot of people. But one day it clicked– If there are millions of blogs out there, why can’t one of them be mine? Why couldn’t I have one too? The answer was, I could. As soon as I decided to write one. That’s the day I got one.

Sure, the bigger picture is humbling. I may never run a marathon or publish a book. But this year on Thanksgiving morning I’ll be running my first 5-mile race through the streets of Buffalo, getting me one step closer. And every time I decide to write a blog post or make notes for my “someday book”, I’m choosing my future. The only person responsible for your life is you. Go do something about it.